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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It's new. It's hot. It's Primal Grill® with Steven Raichlen.

He’s the man who gave barbecue a college education. His books, THE BARBECUE! BIBLE, and HOW TO GRILL (Workman Publishing) are award-winning international best-sellers, with more than a million copies in print in 15 languages. His popular TV shows, BARBECUE UNIVERSITY® and the French language LE MAITRE DU GRILL, have revolutionized the art of the grill in North America and beyond.

And now Steven Raichlen brings you his biggest, baddest, most comprehensive grilling show yet, with easy-to-follow instructions, close-up step-by-step technique sequences and mouth-watering, in-your-face food shots: Primal Grill® with Steven Raichlen.

Shot on location at the historic Esplendor Resort at Rio Rico, just south of Tucson, Arizona, Primal Grill features Steven’s trademark teaching style and insights into barbecue culture and history. This year's shows are themed place and occasion, such as “In the Wild,” in which Steven shows viewers how to grill game and other wild foods, and “From the Farm,” which focuses on the best way to grill the fruits and vegetables. Occasion-oriented shows, such as “At the Game,” focus on grilling for sports fans, and “In a Hurry,” for people with more taste than time.

After the sizzling launch of the first Primal Grill (which aired in 95 percent of the PBS markets), the new Primal Grill features all new recipes ranging from chocolate chipotle baby back ribs (Raichlen’s riff on Mexican mole) to a spectacular lomo al trapo, Colombia's singular beef tenderloin wrapped in salt and cloth and grilled right in the embers. Another first this year, Raichlen demonstrates how to spit-roast a whole hog in the style of the Greek Islands.

“When it comes to flavor, nothing can beat meat grilled and served on the bone,” Raichlen explains in “On The Bone,” a show featuring plate-burying, Catalan-style wood-grilled veal chops; Korean butterflied beef short ribs grilled over charcoal; and an olive and rosemary-studded, smoke-roasted Provencale leg of lamb. “If you’ve ever grilled a veal chop or smoked a rack of ribs, you know that meat on the bone has the best flavor,” says Raichlen. “It also takes us back to the time before knives and forks when people had the primal pleasure of eating with their hands and fingers. So connect with your inner caveman.”

Primal Grill® also features Steven's legendary fireside "chats" about his personal grilling experiences and philosophy, but this year, the chats will focus on his travels around the world's barbecue trail.

Award-winning, best-selling author, founder of the celebrated Barbecue University grilling school at the Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs, Steven Raichlen is known as the man who reinvented American barbecue. A former Thomas J. Watson Foundation Fellow, Raichlen has a degree in French literature.

Visit Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen's website for a sneak preview of episodes to come.


In the Wild

By the Sea

On the Range

From the Farm

On the Vine

Around the Fire

On the Rotisserie

In a Pickle

Up in Smoke

On the Wing

On the Bone

At the Game

In a Hurry

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