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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Really Dangerous Liaisions

There is nothing like a major sex scandal to grab everyone’s attention as proved by ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer’s scandalous behavior, which continues to make headlines.

What makes men risk destroying their careers and families for the sake of sexual gratification? Why would a politician indulge his lust at the expense of the public welfare?

No one knows better than Tracy Quan, author of the bestselling Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl and Diary of a Married Call Girl.

She will be appearing on The O’Reilly Factor at 8pm and 11pm EST to discuss Governor Eliot Spitzer’s sexual indulgences and his subsequent demise.

And don’t forget to check out her op-ed piece, Really Dangerous Liaisons, about the scandal in The New York Times today. You can read all about it here

Tracy is always insightful and thought-provoking, and tonight she should be at her best.

Don’t miss it.

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