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Friday, November 11, 2005


When the author is as good as M.J. Rose you can.

M. J. Rose has written a series of psychological suspense novels that break all the rules. M. J. Rose goes beyond the genres of the traditional thriller and erotica into a territory she alone can claim. Her erotic thrillers, which explore intimacy and power, feature a protagonist that you won't find in any other crime novel: Dr. Morgan Snow -- a sex therapist.

M. J. Rose's career as an author is based on breaking the rules. She received wide acclaim when she became the first self-published e-book author to be picked up by the Literary Guild and a mainstream New York publishing company seven years ago.

Based on solid research, THE DELILAH COMPLEX (January 2006; MIRA Books), her second book in the Butterfield Institute Series, examines women’s sexuality, women’s power and powerful men who enjoy being sexually dominated by women. The place where these men seek sexually aggressive women is the Scarlet Society, a fictional secret sex club based on actual sex clubs that exist throughout the country. Fear pervades The Scarlet Society when male guests are suddenly turning up dead. Photos of their corpses are being sent to The New York Times with locks of the victim’s hair enclosed in sandwich bags.

Dr. Morgan Snow becomes involved in the murder investigation when members of the Scarlet Society come to her as patients.

In the first book in series, THE HALO EFFECT, M. J. Rose explores the world of sex workers, and why rich and powerful men visit call girls. A serial killer is on the loose, murdering prostitutes with ritualistic precision. His calling card: he clothes his victims in nun's habits before committing his brutal slayings.

When I finished THE HALO EFFECT -- in less than two days because I couldn't put it down -- I told M.J. that I couldn't imagine a better book. Not only is it a page-turner that has you on the edge of your seat, but it answers the questions many of us have about the world of prostitution -- and why rich and powerful men seek high-priced call girls. I found it as insightful and fascinating as it was enthralling.

M. J. replied that she felt THE DELILAH COMPLEX was even better. I found it hard to believe, but M.J. is at the top of her game in THE DELILAH COMPLEX. She again probes the demimonde -- secret sex societies that do exist -- and depicts a taboo subject with insights that reveal the humanity in her characters, while never skipping a beat in a thriller whose pace never lets up until the last page.

Publishers Weekly hailed THE HALO EFFECT as "Potentially Explosive." And it is presently in development as a feature film with Lou Pitt at the Pitt Group.

But if you don't believe my hype, then I urge you to read M. J. Rose. And I dare you to read her books in more than three days. They are just impossible to put them down. THE DELILAH COMPLEX will be in bookstores just as the holiday season winds down. The perfect time to chill out with a chilling read.


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