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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl Goes To Hollywood

Darren Star, the producer and writer who adapted Sex and the City for HBO, has just announced that he is creating a new series based on Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl, the novel written by Tracy Quan.

Like Candace Bushness, whose book, Sex and the City, was based on her sex column for the NY Observer, Tracy Quan's novel, Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl, was based on her sex column for An editor who read her column made a book deal with Tracy, and now her book will become the basis of a new HBO series.

According to The Hollywood Star Reporter, “Diary," from Darren Star Prods. and Sony Pictures TV, is an ensemble show that takes a look at how power, sex and money collide through the eyes of a group of Manhattan's highest-paid escorts forced to juggle their johns, jobs and relationships.

"These women are not at all ashamed or stigmatized by what they do. In fact, there is something aspirational about it," Star said. "No one has quite looked at the world of high-end call girls, and this show intends to do that."

I consider Tracy to be more than just a client. She is also a friend and I wish her the best of luck with her latest success.

For more details about what is sure to be another new, exciting and award-winning series for HBO, go to The Hollywood Reporter article.

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Joan Hamburg Show Interviews Reva Mann, Author of the Rabbi's Daughter

Reva Mann, whose sensational memoir, The Rabbi's Daughter, is creating a stir on both sides of the Atlantic, was interviewed on the Joan Hamburg show for a full hour this past Tuesday, October 30th.

In this raw, riveting memoir, The Rabbi’s Daughter, Reva Mann, granddaughter of the head of the Rabbinic Council of Israel and daughter of a highly respected London rabbi, takes readers on an extraordinary journey from her wild-child years of debauchery and rebellion to marriage to a religious scholar in Israel and immersion in the world of the ultra-Orthodox. Ricocheting between these extremes as her heart and soul pull her first one way and then the other, she struggles for a life of balance and equilibrium, and ultimately finds her way.

Profiled on the cover of the London Sunday Times Magazine and in scores of newspapers when her book was published in the U.K. this past summer, Reva and her story struck a deep chord with readers and reviewers abroad. With its timeless themes of rebellion, redemption, and survival The Rabbi’s Daughter will speak just as eloquently to readers here. For those of any faith who have grappled with questions of spiritual identify, and for anyone fascinated by traditional religion and its attractions for those in modern society, Reva Mann’s memoir is an unforgettable read.

If you missed the live interview, you can still listen to it by going to The Joan Hamburg Radio Show website .